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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the name of the Business?
a. Book Your Mechanic

2. In what year was your business established?
a. 2020

3. What problems do your customers face, that you can solve?
a. Booking car mechanics is not currently an online business primarily, at least in Canada and the US. Since the business isn’t online, there are multiple problems:
i. Time Wasted: End users must either simply take their car to the trusted mechanic or call up a few mechanics to ensure that they are available at the time that the end user is available at
ii. Not possible to book all the time: Given that mechanics are not available 24/7 by phone, also makes it difficult to make a booking whenever you have time.
iii. Preference for online technology: Further, some people just do not like to speak on the phone.
b. By booking your mechanic online through my website, you by-pass those hurdles.

4. Will customers need to pay for using the website?
a. No, the website will be free to use for the customers.

5. What will be the price for mechanics?
a. Mechanics will pay $49.99 for the service, but if you join now, we can give you the first 3 months at a discounted early bird rate of $9.99/month.
b. However, it will be free to join for mechanics also (no sign-up fees).

6. Are there any hidden charges?
a. No, just the monthly payment

7. How do mechanics join Book Your Mechanic?
a. Just need to create your profile and you should be good to go
b. Then, you can inform your current customers to go to Book Your Mechanic to find your auto-shop and book their next appointment!
c. You will also be able to find additional business on to the website
d. You will also be asked to provide the pricing of your standard services to give customers as this is a popular ask of end users

8. What is the main message here for the end-users?
a. Simple, just go online to book your car mechanic whenever you want from the comfort of your home, online.

9. Can you provide a few reasons why you are different (or better) than your competitors?
a. Booking your mechanic online isn’t really a North American concept at all, and I am trying to launch in Canada and then expand to the US. So, there is not much competition. This model is more mature currently in Europe and Australia. This means that the Canadian market is ready for the introduction of online technology for booking a mechanic.

10. What is the ‘CALL TO ACTION’? In other words, what would you like your audience to understand immediately?
a. This would be 2-fold:
b. For the end user (main customer), simply for them to see the mechanic near them and have them book the mechanic
c. For mechanics, have them join our website so that they can have their existing customers book mechanic appointments with them online.

11. Can a mechanic choose any specific days and times that they want to use the app for. Perhaps Mechanics only want to use the app for a few days of the week?
a. Mechanics are able to select from a calendar when they want their auto-shop to be available online. This way, they can take days off, or use it on and off.

12. Will mechanics provide quotes?
a. Not necessarily. Only standard pricing is a must for mechanics to provide. However, there is a messaging feature, where end users can contact the mechanic, and get some basic quotes given their car’s problem.

13. Will a valet service be provided?
a. Book your mechanic is not responsible for picking up or dropping off customers from their homes. If this is something that is agreed upon between the customer and mechanic, that is fine, but not a part of Book Your Mechanic